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A Lighter Shade of Blue

Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Adjustment Support

A Lighter Shade of Blue is a supportive group of women who have suffered from Post Partum Depression. We are a local group in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area who have previously suffered from PPD. We run the group on little to no money from our home computers, cell phones and with donated meeting space. We are committed to helping other women so they don't have to suffer alone.

Post Partum Depression is a very painful and scary experience. Most of us have wondered "Why Me? Why this baby?" Most women have never experienced anything like this at any other time in their lives.

We have developed this site as a resource for women to learn more regarding the symptoms and treatments. If you need a friend, support, or prayer, please don't hesitate to contact A Lighter Shade of Blue --we've been there! There is a happy, healthy life after Postpartum Depression. Let's find it for you together!

                        -Rachael Bowling, Founder

A Lighter Shade of Blue meets every first Monday of the month at 7:00p.m. at the Fairfield Pavilion on Rt 4 near Jungle Jim's. A Lighter Shade of Blue is grateful the the Fairfield Pavilion or allowing us the use of meeting space. Email us: alightershadeofblue2@yahoo.com

A Lighter Shade of Blue has temporarily discontinued our second monthly meeting! We lost our space on the east side. We will update you once we decide what to do.

For Those Who Love Me

I have been diagnosed with clinical depression.
I know this may hard for you to understand.
It is a real illness.
I am not making this up.
I cannot snap out of this.

This did not happen because I am weak.
You cannot fix this.
I need you to be there and listen.
Understand that sometimes,
if you have a hard time understanding what I need,
it might be easier for me not to be with you.

I know it's difficult to see me feel so bad for so long,
but it takes a long time
and I will get better.
Please do not push or pressure me
to do things I do not yet feel prepared to do.
It will all come back in time.
Thanks for understanding.
Thanks for being there for me.

(c) 1998 The Postpartum Stress Center

Are you currently expereincing a mood disorder while pregnant? You are not alone! 15% of women expereince mood disorders during pregnanacy. You are welcome to attend meetings as well. Also, please see our Resource page for a couple of website of interest.

2013 A Lighter Shade of Blue
email: alightershadeofblue2@yahoo.com